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                    Notice on Issuing Important Work for 2016 in Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone

                      Publication time:2016年01月29日  Number of clicks:725 times

                    (Yinchuan Bonded Zone Administrative Committee released) throughout (room), investment and development company:

                    The key work of Yinchuan Integrated Bonded Zone in 2016 has been researched and approved by the CMC and is hereby issued to you. Please conscientiously carry it out in light of the actual work.

                    Yinchuan Integrated Free Trade Zone Administration Party Office

                    January 29, 2016

                    Yinchuan Integrated Free Trade Zone in 2016 key work

                    This year marks the first year of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and marks the crucial year for the Yinchuan Comprehensive Preservation Zone to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges, pioneer and innovate, and leapfrog development. Yinchuan comprehensive protection zone up and down around the district, city party committees and government requirements of the deployment in accordance with the "lead the region, facing the country, into the world," the overall orientation, confidence, seize the opportunity to comprehensively promote the work on the Reach a new stage and strive to achieve a sound start of the "13th Five-Year Plan". In accordance with the district, city Party committees and governments to arrange arrangements and jump to pick peach requirements, the CMC set a positive annual goal.

                    The major expected goals for this year are: To achieve an annual import-export volume of 3 billion U.S. dollars (including 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in bonded goods processing such as gold jewelry and wishful thinking; 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in bonded logistics and international trade; Billion US dollars; Incubator Park project and other enterprises strive to achieve 500 million US dollars); completed capital investment 1 billion yuan; and strive to introduce two Fortune 500 companies, five cross-border e-commerce companies; new registration of 50 companies, the cumulative registration About 250 enterprises.

                    Focus on the above objectives, focusing on the following tasks:

                    First, do a large-scale, key industries to achieve new breakthroughs

                    A leading industry to achieve more quality and efficiency of development, to achieve superior superior. Golden Jewelry Industrial Park project to take advantage of Yinchuan to Dubai and other international flights to encrypt opportunities to expand the scale of production and strive to achieve 1 billion US dollars during the year the total import and export volume; relying on the Central Asia Amoy purchase online platform in Yinchuan City to establish two cross-border electricity supplier Experience center, start the establishment of college students creative entrepreneurship demonstration base, enhance the level of new product research and development. Yi Feng wine project completed by the end of August the French imported wine bottling line and put into use, improve the wine industry chain production equipment exhibition hall construction, and strive to achieve a total import and export volume of 100 million US dollars during the year. Ruyi textile project put into operation in full effect, the Bilirubin industry warehousing project, Fabali cashmere processing project was completed and operations, to achieve a total import and export volume of cotton, cashmere, linen and products doubled, import and export trade volume reached 200 million US dollars. High standards of imported meat (fruits, seedlings) designated port project, successfully passed the inspection, and strive to achieve a total import and export volume of 200 million US dollars in the second half. Australian halal beef and mutton deep processing project completed and trial operation by the end of June. At the same time, started the construction of comprehensive protection zone exhibition center project, the second phase of the road and water supply and drainage projects, sewage treatment plant projects, planning and construction of comprehensive protection zone garbage disposal and refuse transfer projects, park greening projects to actively promote the postal distribution center project And supporting facilities. We will complete the informatization development plan of the comprehensive insurance zone to cover the basic network, wireless network and smart application information platform of the park in the comprehensive insurance zone, and promote the construction of the comprehensive smart zone.

                    Second, recruit strong, attract businessmen to achieve new breakthroughs

                    In March, the project started to build a biotechnology information industrial park with an investment of 400 million yuan during the year. It relied on the General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University to actively introduce such projects as the Hong Kong Sika Stem Cell Project and Taiwan Weir as Intraocular Lens. In the first half of the year, the project of "Silk Road International Cooperation Industrial Park" started to be built. Based on the overseas resources of China Machinery Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (CMEC), the project of "International Agricultural Products Processing Zone", "Export Processing Zone of Characteristic Industries in Ningxia" Merchant warehousing logistics area "and other" garden park "project. Actively implement the Qingdao Port Group, Taiwan Evergreen Group strategic cooperation agreement, and strive to introduce three large domestic and foreign logistics enterprises, planning and construction of Ningxia International Logistics Park. Actively docking the American Pacific Aviation Resources and Technology Co., Ltd. (ARC), planning and building an aviation industrial park; actively docking Shenma, Feirui, and Xinjiang and other enterprises, for the introduction of two small aircraft and UAV projects, and strive to have in the aviation industry Breakthrough. Relying on the designated ports of entry of meat, eyeing Haoyue Halal beef and mutton international logistics and distribution base project, and strive to start landing as soon as possible. Actively promote the Heigle auto repair package project, the Taiwan Enzyme Project, Sai En electronic products processing and other incubator projects put into operation to ensure that the Incubation Park settled in the project not less than 15. Focus on docking the region's 60 key export-oriented enterprises. We will implement the precision investment strategy of Fortune 500 companies, make investment maps, select and establish key matching lists of 50 Fortune 500 companies, and will make directional and precise investment promotion and strive to introduce 2 top 500 enterprises.

                    Third, broaden the channels, opening up rich new content

                    Fully open up the cooperation channels with Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Hohhot, Urumqi, Xi'an and other customs areas and Wu Liji, Ceke and other ports, and actively participate in the development and construction of Wu Liji port, layout in advance, planning the establishment of Ningxia Meat Port in the Mongolian border function expansion area. Actively assist the relevant departments of the autonomous region to declare the import of designated ports for aquatic products, vehicles, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, support the construction of Lingwu dry ports and further enrich the port functions of the comprehensive protection zone. Actively docking Yinchuan International Airport and Yinchuan South Railway Station of Baotou-Lanzhou Railway to expand other logistics nodes and make efforts to build multi-modal logistics system such as sea-rail, railway and aviation with the help of Ningxia-Central Asia "Zhonghao" international train to build efficient , Unobstructed, convenient open channel. Increase cross-border e-commerce platform construction and industrial support, the introduction of Amoy Amoy purchase, fast foreign Amoy, such as Saimal more than 5 cross-border e-commerce businesses and projects to promote the construction of cross-border e-commerce industrial park. Support cross-border e-commerce pilot enterprises to obtain cross-border electricity suppliers to obtain licenses to support gold jewelry, Silk Road and other enterprises to build overseas warehouses. Expand the scope of cross-border e-commerce export business and obtain approval for cross-border e-commerce bond import qualification to further enlarge the function of "bonded bonded area trade outside the region" and consolidate the direct sales of O2O (Online to Offline, abbreviated to offline business Opportunities and the Internet to make the Internet a platform for offline transactions) and other business models to support enterprises in Yinchuan layout of more than two imported goods experience center to achieve B2B business model (Business to Business abbreviation, that is, between enterprises and enterprises Through a dedicated network for data exchange of information, delivery, business activities to carry out the transaction mode) zero breakthrough. Learn from the experience of cross-border e-commerce development in Hangzhou, Zhengzhou and Shenzhen, seize the opportunities provided by the state's "Information Silk Road" in western regions in conjunction with the relevant departments of the autonomous region and Yinchuan City to study and declare the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone.

                    Fourth, relying on the platform, China-Arab cooperation will create a new situation

                    With the comprehensive protection zone as the main function area, with the autonomous region to actively create China-A free trade park, explore the Arabian Halal certification and customs, inspection and quarantine and other functions pre-Yinchuan comprehensive protection zone. With the platform of "China-Arab Expo" and in accordance with the ideas of establishing 6 regional open parks and 4 foreign industrial parks as determined by the autonomous region, we will focus on the strategic planning of "China-Arab Industrial Park," "China-Arab Business Park," "Saudi Industrial Park," " (Ningxia) Industrial Park "and other overseas platforms, plan investment activities both at home and abroad, and expand the economic and trade cooperation between China and Arab states and the achievements of China-Arab cooperation. We will make full use of the information resources of the World Free Zone to promote substantive cooperation with Dubai's Jebel Ali Free-Trade Zone, the Free Trade Zone of the Airport and the Free Zone of Silicon Valley City. With the cooperation of Ningxia Silk Road, Central Asia and Amoy Enterprises, Project as a starting point to achieve a breakthrough.

                    Fifth, innovative services, strive to create "two excellent" environment demonstration area

                    Further accelerate the implementation of replication in Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Tianjin Free Trade Zone in the administrative examination and approval, customs supervision, inspection and quarantine, taxation, finance, foreign exchange management and other aspects of the innovation system. Actively apply the relevant policies of Suzhou and Chongqing Trade Functional Areas and speed up the pilot breakthrough of the general taxpayers, the selective taxation of domestic sales and the processing of new business within Venezuela. Actively assist in the promotion of the "single window" for international trade and the construction of the e-ports covering the customs, inspection and quarantine, taxation and foreign exchange departments and assist customs, inspection and quarantine departments to implement "three in one" facilitation of customs clearance, Efficiency and further enhance the facilitation of trade services so as to enhance the ability of the comprehensive insurance zone to serve the development of export-oriented economy. We will continue to optimize the service flow and actively coordinate with the departments of industry and commerce, taxation and finance to set up offices in the Comprehensive Social Security area to further optimize the business registration process, carry out the parallel service mechanism for the entry into the district, the dynamic monitoring of economic operation and the system of sales and service of enterprises' Held the project promotion meeting, focused on solving and coordinating the difficulties and problems in the construction and development of enterprises, and earnestly supported and helped the development of enterprises. Accelerate the market-based reform of Investment and Development Co., Ltd. of Comprehensive Social Security Region, improve the corporate governance structure of the Company, improve the operating ability of the Company and enhance its hematopoietic function. Give full play to investment and financing capabilities, in 2016 to achieve financing loans 300 million yuan.

                    Sixth, perfect functions, and solidly promote the party building and style construction

                    Implement the responsibility of "two main bodies" of the party's work style and building a clean and honest government, consolidate and deepen the achievements of the mass line education practice activities and the special education activities of "Three Strictness and Three Realizations", and thoroughly carry out the activities of "learning series of speeches, learning party rules and regulations and becoming qualified party members". Establish and improve the organs of the party branch to promote non-public enterprises in the park party building. We will further strengthen team building and cadre building, strengthen theoretical and business learning, increase the training and selection of young cadres and speed up the introduction of high-level professionals in related fields. The Bank adjusted and improved the functions and staffing of its internal functions, improved its inspection work system and management measures for performance appraisal, and established a working mechanism with convenient services, efficient operation and first-class service to further stimulate its internal vitality. We will further strengthen the functions of the safety production committee in the comprehensive protection zone and strictly implement the responsibility system for production safety.

                    Copyright(C)2017-2020 China Machinery Engineering Yinchuan Free Trade Zone Co., Ltd.
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